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FrillerApps's Privacy Policy

First, and foremost, we do not ask for or capture any personal identification data about the people that use our apps. We don't want to know your name. We don't want to know your address. And, we never ever want, or need, any billing information from you.

However, we sometimes ask you for your cellular phone number and/or your email address. We ask you for these two communication points so that our apps can enable you to send pictures, quotes, messages, and/or e-greetings via email or text messages from within the apps. You are not required to provide us with either your email address or your phone number. However, if you don't provide our apps with this data, then the app will not offer you the capability to send email, text messages, or e-greeting cards. We leave this choice up to you at all times!

Our client software sends a bunch of device and session data to our backend software. We capture all of the session data and use it to determine on which type of devices our products are being used and how effectively end-users are able to use each software product or service that we produce.

To better understand our customers, we have implemented our own analytics engine so that we can monitor and log each time that each user touches a clickable element within our products. We also log each piece of device related data for any and all devices on which our products are installed. Finally, we log your IPAddress and the latitude and longitude for the location from which you invoke our products, each and every time that you do so.

Our team has the capability to access all of this data at any time, but we don't use it to identify the users of our apps. We don't collect enough data to enable personal identification or to track a user of a device by a personal identifier.

Please don't be concerned with the session data that we collect.

We will never share the data that we analyze and log with anyone outside of our development team. We just want to determine how our products are being used and we need to understand what type of devices being used to access our products, where our products are being used, what type of content our users like, how often each of our products are actually being used by end users.

How are we different than the scary secret government agencies that are spying on all of your Internet and Smartphone usage? Well, we are different in that we don't infect/infest your systems with software that you don't want. You install our software on your mobile devices, and we don't silently steal your personal information without telling you.