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Our Free Mobile Apps

Current free sample products of FrillerApps Mobile Apps include:

  • Oregon Feelings - a digital coffee table Android app with images from Oregon
  • Alaska Feelings - a digital coffee table Android app with images from Alaska
  • Whale Song - an educational Android app about the remaining whales of earth, with whale facts from NOAA
  • RunAll50 - an Android app for avid runners in the U.S. - coming soon to Google Play

Terms & Conditions

What you CAN do:

  • Use our software products
  • Give us product improvement feedback
  • Ask for techie help
  • Tell folks about our software products
  • Contribute to world peace
  • Use our software products totally at your own risk. We assume no liability for your usage of our products.
  • Be nice to your parents, kids, neighbors, the environment, and animals everywhere
  • If you have licensed content to FrillerApps LLC, then you are welcome to point folks to the app that uses said content and you can tell folks that you have created the content and that you have licensed it to FrillerApps LLC, for use in said app.

What you CANNOT do:

  • You cannot claim credit for any content embedded in our apps unless you really did create it and you have licensed the content to FrillerApps for use in our apps. In the case of licensed content, we happily stamp the content with your copyright and are happy to have you communicate your contribution at any and all times.
  • Charge folks to use our software products
  • Modify our software product source code
  • Insert our products or content into your product(s)
  • Claim any of our products as your own work
  • And, please, No lying, cheating or stealing

If you cannot abide by our Terms & Conditions, then please uninstall our software products from your mobile devices and have a very nice day!