Welcome to Friller!

We are a mobile software development company, first and foremost. We also do web apps that are related to our mobile apps, and we do back-end software development to support the management of all the data that's wrapped up in mobile apps. In short, we love making cool apps that work on tiny computers! We are all things related to software apps for tiny computers.

Mobile software platforms that we currently are writing apps for include the following:

  1. Windows 8.1 Touchscreen enabled devices and Windows 7.x and 8.x Phones
  2. Android Tablets, Phones, and Wearables
  3. Apple iPads and iPhones

We use Microsoft Azure for our back-end SQL database storage, as a hosting service for our web sites and our WCF multi-endpoint web services. We use SQLite for our "Isolated Storage" of all data that resides in protected storage locations on the tiny computers which host our mobile apps.

Please enjoy our first product, .ambrosia, which is a cookbook app that holds 30 years of our favorite recipes. We hope you enjoy our favorite recipes, but watch out for those calories, many of which are hiding in the baked goods section of the cookbook ☺.

Finally, if you have enough stamina and desire to track us down, we sometimes contract-out to create cool software, as long as your project revolves around the development of mobile software destined to grace the touch screens of tiny computers.